What is Apricity?

Apricity is a fanfiction written by Mariah L. Stevens under the penname honeysweetcutie. 

What is the Apricity trilogy?

The Apricity trilogy is an adaptation of the fanfiction. It takes the 300k word completed fanfiction and splits it into 3 original fiction novels with extra content add, elements removed, and original characters and settings.

Is the fanfiction still up?

Yes. It is up on Wattpad and Archive of Our Own. It will stay up. I changed so much in the trilogy that it can stay up.

Are the characters in the fanfiction the same as in the trilogy?

I changed all characters to be original characters. Setting takes place in a fictional town called Crystal Springs in Oregon. There is no magic.


Does the trilogy still include the eating disorder content, recovery arc, toxic relationship, and the situation in Paris?


I added more.


How much content did you remove, and how much did you add?

I removed about 20k words.

I added over 50k words, including entirely new chapters and large chunks of current chapters rewritten.


How diverse is the trilogy?

The main character Tayshia is Black, and this trilogy is written by a Black author.

The side characters are a mix of white, Asian-American, Latino-American, and Black.

How does the soulmate bond work without magic?

Crystals and stars.

How did you manage to remove all magical elements?

I simply deleted sentences and rewrote them from a modern, non-magical perspective.


Where will the books be available for purchase?

On Amazon, worldwide!


Will there be e-books, paperbacks, and hardcovers?

There will be Kindle e-books and paperback novels.

Hardbacks are not available yet.

When are the books available?

Book One, Starlight on the Snow, is available March 1, 2021.

Books Two and Three will come out in 2021. 

How much will they be?

13.99$USD Paperback

6.99$USD E-book


Will you be finishing the fanfiction?


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